Typically a bellydance show would last for 15-20 minutes- our shows last half an hour as standard and include audience participation- if the aundience wishes to participate. Again this is all done tastefully- there will be no dancing on tables etc.


Shows can be created for any event so if you need several slots or an extra long show or even a dancer to remain in costume at your event etc this can be arranged easily for you.


It is possible to dance to a specific piece of music or song etc, however, if you require this then you MUST contact me at the time of booking. Dancing to a live band is not a problem. I can supply a musician if required.


Hen parties are great event to have a bellydancer at as are Asian wedding preparations- what better than to have a girls day/night with food, dancing, lots of makeup and jewels and of course a private dance class/workshop for you and your friends! Depending on your location makeup/henna packages may be available by a qualified artist (with full insurance).




We offer top class Middle Eastern dance for most events from Indian nights to Turkish, Arab or Persian. All shows are tastefully done and costumes are tastefully selectred. Bellydance is a beautiful form of Middle Eastern art/dance and should be respected as such and for this reason most types of all male event are not catered for unless there is a specific reason for wanting a bellydancer.


Bellydancers are  available for almost any show including:





*coroprate event

*night club

*charity event




*new year



*Asian themed nights (bellydance is popular at Bollywood themed events!)

*cultural events


*modelling- ie dance photography

****Special events are specially catered for so please check out the "special event" page for info about Asian themed nights, hen nights, Eid, Christmas, New Year etc...! But, any event is special so if there is any specific requirement then please don't hesitate to contact me!****

Zehra has worked  for a huge range of clients including :


*Turkish restaurants

*Persian restaurants

*Arab restaurants

*Asian restaurants

*Greek restaurants

*youth clubs- teaching

*British Rail


*photographers: photographic modelling

*themed club nights


*private birthday parties


*Tv Ads for restaurants

.....And, randomloy featured on Sky Sports

*Modelling work

*Aliza, Taste of Cairo's show at The Palatine

** Please note that a dancer is not expected to arrive any earlier than 10-15 minutes before the booking time and payment is required BEFORE to avoid any waiting afterwards- especially during busy times as dancers can have several places to be in the one night.